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Sparkle on stage with DCA

All recreational classes in Cheerleading, Dance and Acro will perform in our yearly showcase at a professional theatre with all the excitement of the theatre. Our shows are about shining on stage and showcasing all talents in a fun environment.

We can't wait to see you all shine on stage. 


Our shows do have a joining fee to cover the costs of theatre practice , sound and lights, dress rehearsalsindividual photo shoot, staffing costs and costume hire. If you are in multiple classes additional costume hire will occur. 

Show details - what do i need to do!

1. Book and pay to reserve you child's space by November 30th 2023 via class4kids 
(live  to book from October 30th via email)

2. Join the DCA  parent show group  on facebook  to keep up to date with information 

3. Add rehearsal date to your diary.
Dress rehearsal and photo shoot at Brookfield Community School 21st January  : 10-12am Act one  : 12-2pm Act two

4. Add the show day date and timing to your diary - All must attend
January 27th 2024 at Thornden Hall, Winchester Rd​, Chandler's Ford, Hampshire, SO53 2DW
Theatre rehearsal times 9-
10:45 Act one      :    Theatre rehearsal times 11:15- 1:pm Act two   :    Show times: 2:30pm and 6:30pm 

5. Let your coach know if you are able to help at one of the shows - we can't do it without you.

A DBS is required for helpers - we need 2 per class per show. DCA can assist with DBS orders if required. 

6.  Book your  spectator tickets via Thornden hall  from 1st December

7. Download the newsletters with more details specific for your child. 

8. Order any DVD'S or Programme from the DCA shop 

Sit back , relax and enjoy the show. 


Please see below you child's class for costumes you will need to provide for the showcase - most is uniform so you will have . Other items you will borrow from DCA and these will be handed to your child in the new year.

Hair is 2 plaits unless your teacher informs you different. 


Monday : Lara's classes

St Margaret Mary's 

4:30pm class : Mini Movers 

Black cotton leggings /black jazz shoes and "black hidden socks"/ DCA Club t shirt 

5:15pm  : Junior Dance 

Black cotton shorts /black jazz shoes /"hidden black socks"/ 

DCA Club t shirt / black cotton leggings

6pm - Duet

Dance tights / shoes / black leotard . DCA Club t shirt / black cotton leggings


Wednesday Michaela Classes


5pm : Cheer

White cheer trainers /White frilly socks/ black cotton shorts / DCA club t shirt and black cotton leggings.

5:45pm Acro 

black cotton shorts / DCA club

t shirt and black cotton leggings/ Acro shoes


Monday - Michaela Classes

Henry Cort

5pm: Acro 

Black cotton shorts / Acro Shoes/ Black DCA leotard / DCA Club T shirt / black cotton leggings

5:45pm Acro 

Acro shoes / DCA Club T shirt/ , black cotton leggings/ DCA leotard and any CAT outfit accessories you may have - speak to your coach for guidance on this

6:45pm Lyrical 

Lyrical costume, dance tights and acro shoes. DCA club tshirt and black cotton leggings


Thursday Lara's classes


5:05pm class

White cheer trainers /White hidden socks/  DCA club t shirt and black cotton leggings.

Some members will need black leggings and some will need a black plain t shirt/ long sleeved top/ leotard.


Wednesday - Emma Classes

Sarisbury Infants

5PM : Cheer

White cheer trainers /White frilly socks/DCA club t shirt and black cotton leggings.

5:45pm Cheer

White cheer trainers /White frilly socks/DCA club t shirt and black cotton leggings.

6:30pm Cheer

White cheer trainers  white sports hidden socks /DCA club t shirt and black cotton leggings.


Thursday Michaela Classes

Salvation Army

4:15pm: Acro

Acro Shoes / DCA Club t shirt / black cotton leggings 

5pm Mini Cheer

Denim shorts /  black leotard underneath/ Cheer trainers/ colourful socks/ DCA Club t shirt / black cotton leggings

5:45pm Acro 

Black cotton shorts /Acro shoes/ DCA Club t shirt / black cotton leggings

6:30pm Acro 

Acro shoes/ DCA Club t shirt / black cotton leggings

7:15pm Acro

Acro shoes/ DCA Club t shirt / black cotton leggings

Safeguarding at the theatre


Parents drop off and collection at the theatre. 

At the theatre one adult per child will receive a wristband to give access to walk your child to their designated dressing room to sign them in, get them changed if needed and also for collection. Please remember to sign them out.  Please also take your child to the toilet before this. 




Parent Helpers

Each class needs a minimum of 2 helpers to stay backstage for rehearsals, and each show. DBS is required. If you don't have a DBS we can help you get one - email us for assistance. 

All chaperones will be issued lanyards to identify them easily

and please make sure your child knows who is helping their class. 

All staff will be wearing DCA uniform including Junior coaches when not in costume. 


Dressing room

Your child will be allocated a dressing room for their

time at the theatre.

This will be confirmed soon.

Your dressing room will be where you sign in your child with their costumes and collected also after the shows from the same locations you drop them off at. 

During rehearsals in the morning children may be backstage with staff and in the theatre for reference . 

More questions please email us we are happy to help.  

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