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All you require is our club T shirt  and correct dance or indoor cheer shoes to start our classes- Keeping it affordable for all to join . All orders are made direct by yourself via rock the dragon.


All Dance classes  require     

Black  DCA  T Shirts / Black Cotton Leggings / Shorts /Leotard

Acro  - nude jazz shoes

Pop Dance - black jazz shoes   

Lyrical competiton - foot thongs and nude jazz shoes.

Cheerleading Uniform  Black T shirt/  Black leggings/shorts  . Please wear something underneath like our leotard to be safe when tumbling/ coaches spotting your child. / White soled cheer Trainers  and white sport socks.  (www.livingcheer.co.uk for cheer trainers)

T shirt, black leggings and leotards for dance classes and correct foot wear is compulsory for weekly classes  . For cheerleading please wear a leotard or crop top underneath for safe guarding while spotting and tumbling - all other items are optional to order.

Competition teams will have additional compulsory uniform at additional costs ordered once at the start of the season. 

Tumble - Fliptastic classes. Indoor cheer shoes or Dance shoes must be worn to use the equipment .