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Uniform and Shop: Welcome

All you need to start  after your trial is a DCA t shirt ( own black leggings) and shoes . 
Uniform orders are via rock the dragon and posted direct to your house .(  

Other  recommendations for uniform is for cheer trainers.

Uniform per class is :
Dance Pop classes  DCA t shirt, black leggings and black DCA leotard,  black jazz shoes.
Acro  Dance - DCA t shirt, black leggings and black DCA leotard,  nude jazz shoes
Street Dance classes - DCA t shirt, black leggings and indoor trainers in white. 
Cheerleading  - DCA t shirt, black leggings,  white cheer trainers. 

Competition  teams  require  the above and an additional  competition outfit. 

Hoodies, crop tops, bags etc all also avaliable  to purchase .

We also have a DCA uniform swap site in Facebook to look for  any bargains. 

We also have an in-house  shop to help support DCA where we sell special limited edition  items. -link at bottom of the page! 

Uniform and Shop: About
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DCA In house shop 

Click the link below for access to the in house DCA shop for tickets for events, spectator tickets for competitions, and limited edition and sale items. 


Uniform and Shop: About
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